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What is Tantra For Couples?

These sessions is for you as a couple to explore and connect to each other in new ways. We work with the challenges that you may face through a relational, soul, emotional and physical level.

What does a session look like?

A session always start with a conversation to explore where you are at today and what you would like to explore or work on. A session is 2 hours and after a conversation we usually do some exercises to connect to the body.

Depending on your needs, desires and wishes I may suggest exercises for you to try and explore. The exercises are always invitations for you to decide if you would like to explore or not.

The intention is for you to connect to your body and self as well as with your partner. We may practise and explore through movement/dance, voicing, touch, breathing, communication practices, role play, embodiment or mirroring (are just a few examples).

As all my sessions, these are client led and based on your needs, boundaries and desires. We always take it slow and put experiences into words when needed.

Do you know what you would like to explore, but you can't read it here? Reach out to me for a discovery call to see if we can make it happen!

Who is this for?

These sessions are for couples that are struggling with connection to themselves and each other on any level.
It is also for couples that are longing to connect on a deeper level, explore new ways of relating and understand themselves and each other better.
These sessions are also for couples that are longing for a deeper connection to their own body, both in relation to others and themselves.

How has Tantra helped me?

For me, the Tantric Philsosphy and the tools it holds has helped me to see my body's boundaries more easily. It has also helped me to get to know my body on a deeper level and given me tools to stay in the moment and accepting what is as well as helped me to put my body's language into words.

Tantra has also helped me to explore what pleasure is to me, what pleasure is not and how I can meet shame and guilt in new ways.