Who is it for?

Dearmouring is for anyone who are looking for a new direction in life, who would like to connect to their body, soul & higher self, who would like to embody emotions they have shut down or who would like to transform shame or guilt for instance. It is also for anyone that has pain in their body, who are looking to transform energy or extend their aura & integrity.

It is also for anyone that are curious about themselves and would like to explore their bodies more, get to know themselves on a deeper level or would like to develop their sexuality and find new ways of pleasure.

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What does a session look like?

A session is always 2 hours and starts with a conversation to know more about your life situation, intentions and why you are called for this healing session.
Before we go to the body, we establish common boundaries and may look at recurrent patterns in your life before going to the body.
After the session we end with a conversation to put some of the experience into words and getting you ready for the world outside.

What is Dearmouring & Wombhealing?

Dearmouring is a technique that originates from shamanism and helps the body's energy to flow freely, to open up spaces that have been shut down and to let go of old energy that don't serve the body anymore.

Dearmouring can be given through touch or through energy work with no physical touch. The healing session is always on your body's, soul's and mind's terms.

I would describe my way of working with dearmouring & Wombhealing as soft, yet powerful.

I always ask both you and your body for consent to connect with your energy system. When contact has been established, it is your body that's doing the work it's ready for.

Dearmouring is a healing technique where your body de-armour in its own time. I hold the space and your body do the work. The body is very intelligent and it knows what to do!

How has Dearmouring helped me?

Through Dearmouring, I have been able to access and express anger, I have transformed pain into pleasure, I have been able to see my patterns more clearly and have overall come to so many realisations in life and my journey.

I would say that Dearmouring has helped me to arrive home into myself, to drop into my body, to learn new ways to relate to myself and how to embody my emotions and boundaries. Dearmouring helps me to connect to physical parts, emotional parts and soul-parts of myself, that I lost early in life.
It has helped me to take back parts of myself that I didn't even knew I had from the start!

For me, the work with Dearmouring has (and still is) an incredible journey and I wish all that feel called towards this medicine to discover themselves in their unique way and really feel in your whole self, that You Are the Medicine!

Would you like to know more?

If you have any questions about me or my offerings, feel free to contact me.

As a trauma informed coach, I know how important it is to feel safe, especially in a state of trying something new or getting to know a new practioner.