Your are curious to know more!

Let me tell you about myself and why I'm here :)

I'm passionate about humans, the wisdom of the body and the life forcing energy that flows on this planet.

I love deep and meaningful connections and to witness humans arrive home into themselves again and again.

I am driven by inspiring others to have the courage to stand unapologetically in their own true power and see that they are the medicine.

I also love my own journey, to keep experience, explore and discover my body, soul and higher self over and over again.

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Who is Ella?

My story

I grew up with a parent that was mentally ill and that was hospitalized when I was 8 y/o due to psychosis.
At the age of 9 y/o, I struggled with fears, severe anxiety, shame, guilt abandonment, emotional neglect and symptoms of depression, exhaustion and C-PTSD.

Through therapy I got a bunch of tools to supress my emotions, feelings and sensations and to basically shut down my body in order for the anxiety to "dissappear", which was the most prominent of all my symptoms at that time.
It worked "well" and I kept living my life as if nothing happened, but kept struggling with severe symptoms of depression, exhaustion and shame. To survive in my everyday life, I developed a bunch of survival strategies and coping mechanisms in order to deal with my life situation.

I also developed a disorganized and ambivalent attachment style that made me believe I was worthless, helpless, wrong and that the world outside was a dangerous place to live in.

I had no access to anger or boundaries and had no idea what needs meant for me, which all played a big role in my later relationship to men and sex. To feel alive and avoid the symptoms of depression adn exhaustion, I started to seek adrenaline in different ways, which kept me going for a long time.

I went to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for around 15 years until I realised that CBT or any other general talking therapy that solely focused on the mind would never help me to heal what I needed to heal.

That was when I embarked on my embodied healing journey and started to dive deep into the wisdom of my body.
I found ways to connect deep within, to my body, soul and higher self.

Some of the survival mechanisms that I developed was:
Eating Disorder
Over exercising
Self harm through sex
Self harm through alcohol
Seeking adrenaline through potentially dangerous events
Dissociation and shutting down my body
Keeping myself way too busy
High performance/perfectionism
Highly independent
Sleep as an escape from my emotions

These strategies kept me going for a long time, until my body started to develop pain and chronic illnesses and even more severe symptoms of exhaustion that forced me to embark on a deep healing journey.

Dearmouring (shamanic), Network Care, SRI, Tantra, Group Therapy, Psychoeducation, Mindfulness, to be seen and heard, deep and vulnerable connections, mother nature and to slow down has all played key roles on my journey to open up and arrive home into myself and my body.

For many years I experienced shame around my curiosity for life, humans, behaviours and patterns.
Many has labeled me as a "seeker" or "searcher" that will get lost.
Today I am proud to say that to keep embarking on my journey to unfold myself is a calling in life. (Thank God, for that!)
It's a passion! And it's so damn beautiful!
And it has definately saved my life.

To be in service for others, to hold space for humans to arrive home into themselves in order for them to unfold and expand and experience their true selfs is so damn beautiful!
I feel deeply honoured and greatful for every session where I get to be part of humans healing journey's.
It's pure magic!



Dearmouring, Wombhealing & Yonimassage
Certification and training through Annelie Hellström,

Certified Trauma Recovery Coach
International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching (IAOTRC)

Certified Sensing Yoga Teacher
Training through Mia Elmlund,

Wilderness Guide (on going)
Training through Outdoor Academy, Finland

Master of Law
Stockholm University & Macquarie University, Sydney

I speak Swedish & English.

Dearmouring client.

"The session with Ella gave me some deep insights, aha-moments and awakening around some thoughts I had. We had a great interplay during the healing session and Ella felt very present, calm and safe for me."

Dearmouring client.

"Ella was there with her warm presence and genuinely listened to what I had to share. She gave me some wise inputs and never showed any judgment towards me, neither in words or facial expression. I was treated in a very professional, warm, safe and calm way."


Work with me

Dearmouring & Wombhealing
Available on sight

De-armour your body through a soft yet powerful healing form. A session is always 2 hours and starts with a conversation. The healing is on your body's terms and I hold space for whatever your body is ready to let go of or open up to. The techniques I use originates from shamanism and helps the body's armour to crackle or fall, stagnant energy to be released and with time allows your life force energy to flow freely.

Tantra For Couples
Available online or on sight

Learn how to connect in new ways, both emotionally, physically and spiritually towards yourself and your partner.

The session always starts with a conversation to see where you are at and what you would like to experience, work on or discover.

The techniques I use originates from tantra, embodied mindfulness, dearmouring, shamanism, non violent communication, trauma recovery coaching, dance therapy, gestalt therapy, breathwork, yoga etc.

Trauma Recovery Coaching
Available online or on sight

This is a somatic therapy form where you through your mind and body can arrive home again. We work with nervous system regulation and from a trauma informed perspective when we navigate in conversations and exercises.

I work with you as your peer, embodying healthy responses, attunement and boundaries. I offer psychoeducation and resources for you to understand your situation and your bodily responses in new ways.

Available online or on sight

De-armour your body through a soft yet powerful healing form. A session is always 2 hours and starts with a conversation. I teach you how to use Self-Dearmouring as a tool to connect to your body, soul and higher self.
I guide you into your body and life force energy. The techniques I use originates from shamanism and helps the body's armour to crackle or fall, stagnant energy to be released and with time allows your life force energy to flow freely.

Would you like to know more?

If you have any questions about me or my offerings, feel free to contact me. As a trauma informed coach,
I know how important it is to feel safe, especially in a state of trying something new or getting to know a new practioner.